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RC Helicopter Hovering Tips

January 12th, 2008 · 1 Comment ·

1. If you’re just starting out, you’ll want to master tail in hovering before trying anything else. Tail hovering in is where the tail is closest to you.

2. Use flybar weights to help keep the heli stable.

3. Don’t try and learn to hover on windy days – it’s difficult and frustrating.

4. Use training gear to prevent a tip over and to soften landings.

5. Practice on a simulator like Real Flight or Reflex that have a hovering practice function.

6. Try and hold the heli in a 6ft x 6ft imaginary square. Then make it smaller and smaller until you can hover the heli within an inch or two of the space it takes up.

7. Make small adjustments, you don’t want to over adjust, then need to adjust the adjusting.

8. Try and predict where the heli will go before it does, so you can pre-empt its movements.

9. Use an external stabilization system such as the FMA Co Pilot or Heli Command until your build your confidence.

10. Make sure the swashplate is level and the trims are set properly.

11. Set the expo on your radio to soften the stick movements. You may also consider shortening the endpoints to reduce the sensitivity.

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