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Night Time Flying vs. Day Time Flying

July 15th, 2011 · No Comments ·

Flying RC helis has become one of the most popular hobbies. Though it is costly, can be difficult and highly technical, the result is always tons of fun. Most users fly their RC helis during the day; just lately, many have taken to the air for some night flying. Both have their own fun factor associated.

Day flying your RC Copter compared to night flying differs a bit, you will require some additional practice as well accessories. The technical knowledge remains the same for daytime flying and nighttime flying; however, the set up can be a little different depending on where you are located and what model of RC you are using.

Night Flying Your RC

A proper set up is required for night flying most RC Helis. This means that the area where you intend to fly your heli must be dark and there must be proper lighting provisions so that the heli becomes visible in the dark. Multiple lighting systems is advisable in the event one goes down. Having a back up plan will allow for you to be able to track your copter and land it safely. Imagine flying your copter and losing track of it in the dark of night.

Night blades are a popular choice and many veteran night flyers will say that they are essential for night flying RC helis. LED lights are a more recent accessory that is available they can be attached to the blades with an on-off mechanism. When the blades rotate at night, they make a circle of light so that the heli becomes clearly visible.

The canopy also needs some kind of lighting so that the body of the heli becomes visible. This can be done by attaching LED light strands to the canopy. However, it is important to make sure that driver needs is mounted properly so that the receiver of the heli does not face any interference. During installation, it is also important to ensure that the heli maintains a proper balance.

Before night flying, it is essential to test the heli during the day time so that any problems with the overall lighting, balance and overall operation can be avoided.

Day time flying

There is no difference between day time flying and night time flying. The only difference is the lighting which needs to be properly installed for night flying. Day flying an RC heli will allow the pilot to get a clear visual on the heli and its movements and this will allow proper maneuverability.

Pitch, rotor control, throttle movements are some of the most important and depending on the model most difficult aspects of learning to control your RC heli. Learning the various capabilites can take weeks but once these controls are mastered, RC heli flying is a blast!

The place or venue of flying is important for night as well as day flying. Wind variations, open space, obstructions, people in the area are some of the most important aspects to be considered.

This is because of the fact that while learning the maneuvering controls, the rookies will inevitably crash their helis and this can not only cause serious property damage, but could also physically hurt someone. A fair knowledge of aerodynamics is also important because wind speed and variation play a crucial role in RC heli flying.

This is an important factor when you are looking at taking up night flying. It is of the utmost importance that you are well versed in controlling your copter well in the daytime before attempting night flights. The wind alone is difficult to gauge in the day time and at night the visuals you will have on your copter are not as clear and precise.

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